M950 - Ultra High Capacity truss with free-span up to 40m

The largest aluminum truss series from MILOS with maximum loading and free-span specifications for your temporary or permanent installations.
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Main Tube
2,36 x 0,24 inch
1,26 x 0,12 inch
Available Length
3,28 - 9,84 ft
22,84 x 39,37 ft
131,23 ft

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Basic info


If you require maximum loading specifications and free-span characteristics for your temporary or permanent installations, look no further than the Milos M950 truss system. M950 is the newest and largest Milos truss system.
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Key benefits

  • Newly heavy duty RTTH available with up to 50% better SWL
  • User friendly taper pin hole orientation for ease of assembly
  • Ultra-high capacity M950 series truss range
  • Fixed rectangular or compact folding version available
  • Great free-span & loading characteristics (upto 40m / 131.23 ft)
  • Connection kit supplied with every truss length
  • Super-size connical connection for maximum rigidity
  • Cell clamp 300 series compatible
  • Transit wheels fitted for ease of transportation & setup
  • Powder coat colour finish available on request


M950 - Standard lengths and weights available
  3.28 ft 3.94 ft 6.56 ft 7.97 ft 9.84 ft
Fold 52.91 lbs 60.63 lbs 96.78 lbs 106.92 lbs 138.01 lbs
Rect 66.14 lbs 74.08 lbs 112.44 lbs 123.46 lbs 156.53 lbs