MT-PA5030 PA Tower (300 kg)

Compact PA fly tower for smaller, indoor or outdoor live event systems.
16.4 ft
Max. SWL
660 lbs

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Basic info


The new MILOS MT-PA5030 PA fly tower was designed for live events that require a compact PA fly tower for small systems that can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Set up is easy. Only a few 290 QTV truss components are needed to erect the tower and only 2 persons are required to accomplish this feat. Due to a height of just under 5 meters, approvals by authorities are not necessary. The design allows for placement of base cabinets or amplifier racks on top of the outriggers.

Key benefits

- Footprint at set up is 8.2' x 6.6' (width x depth)
- Max. load 660 lbs
- 16.15 ft2 max. front surface area of the PA
- 10.76 ft2 max. side surface area of the PA
- 110 lbs required ballast
- 45 mph in-service wind loading
- Out-of-service wind loading as per DIN-EN 13814
- Base frame is V-shaped steel centrepiece with set of 2 bespoke and 2 long MT2 outriggers
- Lifting operations with either electrical or manual chain hoists
- Head block equipped with double pulley system for attachment of safety chain or safety wire parallel to lifting chain.
- Multiple attachment points on base for connection of hoists and safeties