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This rectangular truss combines the strength of 390 Quatro truss but saves 25% more space and has better possibilities for rigging. Diagonal webbing in the top allows for high lateral loading. Multicube corner blocks allow all 290 Quatro truss to be connected vertically.

The M290x390 comes in two connection system versions – B, F for connection with MILOS truss, as well as with other popular truss connection systems found on the market*.

Key benefits

  • Trio truss can be put through as truss has parallel webbing
  • Horizontal bracing at node points to take horizontal force caused by slinging 4
  • 48mm bottom brace for ease of lighting fixture installation due to compatibility with lighting fixture clamps
  • 25% reduction of transport volume compared to QTP
  • Easy pin assembly due to 90 degree position of pin holes to the ground
  • Powder coat colour finish available on request
M290xM390 - Standard lengths and weights available
  1.64 ft 3.28 ft 4.92 ft 6.56 ft 8.20 ft 9.84 ft 11.48 ft 13.12 ft
Rect 9.92 lbs 16.98 lbs 24.69 lbs 32.85 lbs 37.91 lbs 45.20 lbs 52.25 lbs 59.31 lbs

M290x390 - Medium duty truss range

Medium-duty rectangular truss with diagonal webbing designed to save 25% more space and offer better rigging options. 
Available colors:
Main Tube
1.89 x 0.12 inch
1.89 x 0.12 and 0.78 x 0.08 inch
Available Length
1.64 - 13.12 ft
11.40 x 15.35 inch
65.61 ft
M290x390 - Medium duty truss range
M290x390 - Medium duty truss range

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