M400 - Mid Range series with high end performance

Strong and reliable heavy-duty truss series for the stage and rental markets featuring pin holes at 90 degree angles to the ground for convenient access on flat surfaces. 
Available colors:
Main Tube
2 x 0,16 inch
0,98 x 0,12 inch
Available Length
1,64 - 13,12 ft
14,10 x 14,10 inch
32,81 ft
M400 - Mid Range series with high end performance
M400 - Mid Range series with high end performance

Detailed information


M400 has been specifically designed for heavy-duty applications and is ideally suited for the truss stage and rental markets. Pin holes are located at a 90 degree angle to the ground for convenient access when truss is lying on a flat surface. Trust the strength and reliability of the M400 for your events that require an outdoor stage or concert stage.

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Key benefits

  • Compact medium-duty M400 Series truss range
  • Great free-span & loading characteristics (up to 20m / 65.61 ft)
  • Square or compact rectangular format for low volume
  • Connection kit supplied with every truss length & junction
  • Super-size conical connection for maximum rigidity
  • Cell clamp 200 / 400 / 500 / 600 series compatible
  • User-friendly tapered pin holes with 90 degree orientation to ground when laid flat for ease of assembly
  • Powder coat colour finish available on request
M400 - Standard lengths and weight available
  1.64 ft 3.28 ft 4.92 ft 6.56 ft 8.2 ft 9.84 ft 13.12 ft
Rect 114.99 lbs 23.80 lbs 33.06 lbs 40.81 lbs 50.26 lbs 58.64 lbs 74.95 lbs
Quatro 16.75 lbs 25.13 lbs 36.37 lbs 46.51 lbs 55.84 lbs 68.56 lbs 85.31 lbs

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