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The MILOS M1200 RTR Truss boasts a maximum 50m span. For example, on 36m span, it has an incredible UDL of 120 kg/meter with just 278mm deflection. It can therefore withstand even the heaviest loads.
Certainly, the most frequent application of the M1200 RTR Truss is in building large scale roofs or supportive truss lines for suspending heavy audio-visual equipment in either indoor or outdoor roof systems requiring trusses.
There are times when you really need to go big, this truss is the perfect solution for maximum loading specifications and free-span characteristics for your temporary or permanent installations.
The lights can be suspended both on strings from 48x3 pipes and on main tubes of a 60 cm diameter when using the cell 300 series.
It is also large enough to accommodate lighting equipment inside the truss itself. This is extremely useful for repeated installations. The light fixtures can simply be left in the truss and used in the grid at various locations throughout the season.
The M1200 RTR-Truss series comes with a truss connection made specifically for the MILOS Conical Connection Type R. This allows a fast connection for quick, simple, and secure assembly.
  • Truss equipped with wheels for easy manipulation
  • Incredible robustness, strength, and reliability
  • Suitable if you need a wide-ranging span
  • Optimized dimension for transportt
  • Main chord of 60mm allows the use of CELL 300
  • End frames designed of rectangular profiles incl. mounting holes for e.g. keder supports, supports for storing and transport of tower truss inside the truss, etc.

                   Conical Connection Type R

M1200 -High Capacity Aluminium Truss

The MILOS M1200 RTR-Truss line represents the strongest, most durable trusses ever manufactured in our aluminum production.
800 mm
1200 mm
Main Tube
60x8 mm
50x4 & 48x3 mm
Available Length
1m -5m
Up to 50m
M1200 -High Capacity Aluminium Truss

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