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Our 4GS-35 range of modular aluminium systems are ideal solutions for large truss structures, towers and gantries. Superior performance and durability of the traditional fork and tongue connection is popular with rental companies worldwide. They have come to rely on the 4GS-35 and 4GS-50 for all forms of rigging towers, exhibition gantries and large concert stages. Components can be supplied in either Natural Mill Aluminium or a variety of Powder Coated colours and finishes.

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Key benefits

  • Medium-duty truss range
  • All components supplied complete with connection accessories
  • Wide range of standard lengths & accessories
  • Compatible with 200 / 400 / 500 / 600 series cell clamps
  • 4GS-35 great free-span & loading characteristics (up to 20m / 65.61 ft)
  • Powder coat colour finish available on request
4GS-35 - Standard lengths and weights available
1.28 ft 2.18 ft 4.08 ft 5.97 ft 7.87 ft 9.84 ft 11.66 ft 13.58 ft
48.88 lbs 73.49 lbs 81.82 lbs 105.38 lbs 113.63 lbs 137.19 lbs 145.37 lbs 145.37 lbs

4GS-35 - Medium Duty Fork Connection Series

Modular aluminum truss system with traditional fork & tongue connection for large structures, concert stages, towers and gantries.
Available colors:
Main Tube
1.89 x 0.18 inch
0.98 x 0.12 inch
Available Length
1.26 - 13.58 ft
13.66 x 13.66 inch
65.61 ft
4GS-35 - Medium Duty Fork Connection Series
4GS-35 - Medium Duty Fork Connection Series

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