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The S-MT-Q - Steel Tower is constructed with special, ultra high-strength steel alloy truss sections that allow it to handle an average of 2.5x more loading at just double the weight compared to aluminium systems with the same dimensions and under the same deflection.
A 20m Steel Tower within a ground support system can safely support up to 45 tons.
  Features and benefits:
  • up to 22.5 metre high tower
  • Constructed with MILOS S-QTQT Ultra High-Strength Steel Truss (780 x 780mm; 40 metre spans with UDL 76kg/m)
  • Steel sleeve block, steel head-section with aluminium bearing & wheels, and unique locking unit for protection of the sleeve block/mother grid against drop AND lift
  • Integrated steel base with outriggers that interconnect between towers in ground support systems or 4m outriggers front/back for self-standing towers
  • Steel base lugs feature a variety of guy wire attachment points
  • Optimized dimensions for packaging and/or nesting in truck
  • Profiles with OD’s to suit scaff clamps
  • Pinned connectors for increased safety and strength
  • Integrated forklift pickup points
  • End frames equipped with lateral connection options
  • EXE hoists recommended 

S-MT-Q - Steel tower

up to 22.5 m
S-MT-Q - Steel tower


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