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LSG2 LED Screen structures

Compact LED screen support structure with integrated ballast platform featuring quick, simple and secure assembly. Wide range of options to suit specific screen size & weight.
Available colors:
LSG2 6x4m
Self Weight
1652 lbs
LSG2  LED Screen structures
LSG2  LED Screen structures

Detailed information

Key benefits

  • Free-standing MT Tower LED Screen Support solution
  • Wide range of system options available to suit specific screen size & weight
  • Self-climbing towers (MT1 / MT2 / MT3) with electric or manual hoists
  • Screwjack feet for quick & easy levelling
  • Fast connection for quick, simple and secure assembly
  • Stabilisation via front & back integrated cross tension wires
Technical specification
Dimensions   LED screen size 6x4 m 19,70x13,10 ft
A Internal width 7,36 m 24.15 ft
B Overall external width 8,50 m 27.89 ft
C Overall external depth 6,83 m 22.41 ft
D Clearance 6,86 m 22.51 ft
E Overall height 8,52 m 27.95 ft
Loading capacity
Loading capacity   LED screen size 6x4 m 19,70x13,10 ft
LED Screen 6x point loads equally divided 416 kg 916 lbs
  3x point loads equally divided 833 kg 1835 lbs
  Max. total load 2500 kg 5511 lbs
* See structural report for exact load positioning  
Operational specifications
Design standarts DIN EN 13814 (2005)
DIN 1055-4
DIN 4113
DIN 18800
Fairground and amusement park machinery and structures
Actions on structures / wind
Design of aluminium structures
Design of steel structures
• All our structures are standard produced under EN 1090 EXC2, include neccessary guy wires, instruction manual and engineering report
Wind management Max. wind speed incl screen 28m/s - 100km/h - 62mph (Max basic wind speed)
* Screen to be stabilised against swinging by cross truss at bottom of screen
Ballast 4x 1700kg / 3744lbs at the end of each outrigger
Figure based on screwjack to timber spreader to rubber to concrete / asphalt
Customized Customisation, i.e. truss configuration, alternative dimensions, on requirement.
Always verify with Milos your screen dimensions, weight and rigging plan for correct configuration
Transportation data
Self-weight LED screen size 6x4 m 19,70x13,10 ft
* Exact self-weight depends on configuration 750 kg 1652 lbs
Transport volume * Packed in carton boxes and bubble foil 6 m3 212 ft3


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