T12 Modular system - Switzerland

Sulser Logistic Solution AG selected the T12 modular system to promote themselves at the Pack and Move Trade fair in Basel, Switzerland.  Large scale graphics and prints together with brochure holders and storage cabinets were a perfect combination for a nice looking exhibition booth. Sulser Logistic Solutions AG always present themselves as a company with aim to deliver maximum performance, T12 is exactly the synonym for maximum performance and ease of set up. The complete booth is assembled and dismantled by the exhibitor and did not require any tools.

The thoughtful and minimalist design of T12 makes it possible to integrate radiant light, elegant curves and flowing graphic textiles without compromising structural integrity of your display. The T12 system is simplistic with its three core elements of connector, tube and diagonal.  Additionally, you can  illuminate your space with integrated LED tubes that serve as both a light source and structural element.