S-MR20 Steel Roof

S-MR20  Steel Roof
Introducing the MILOS S-MR20 Steel Roof: The Ultimate Solution for Outdoor Events!
Are you planning an outdoor event and need a reliable, robust roofing solution? Look no further than the MILOS S-MR20 Steel Roof! Here's why it's perfect for your next event:
Ultra High Strength Steel Construction: Built to withstand the toughest conditions, ensuring safety and durability.
Spacious Dimensions: Covering stage of 32x25 meters (105x82 ft), it provides ample roofing for large gatherings.
 Innovative Locking System: Our unique locking system supports up to 45 tons per tower, guaranteeing stability.
Integrated Steel Base: Features interconnecting towers for a seamless setup and multiple attachment points for steel wires.
Easy Access: Each tower comes with an integrated ladder, making climbing and maintenance a breeze.
Perfect Canopy Tensioning: Equipped with a canopy tensioning system and MILOS Keder profiles for secure attachment, ensuring your canopies stay in place and are tightened properly.
Make your event unforgettable with the MILOS S-MR20 Steel Roof – where safety, space, and stability meet!
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