S-MR10 Steel Roof

S-MR10 Steel Roof
Introducing the S-MR10 Steel Roof by MILOS!
🚀 Introducing the S-MR10 Steel Roof by MILOS! 🚀
For large concerts requiring unparalleled quality, safety, and design, the S-MR10 is the perfect choice! 🌟
💪 Made from ultra-high strength steel, this giant is built to handle the toughest projects. Measuring 28x19 m (92x62 ft), it stands tall on six sturdy S-QTPT towers.
🌟 Key Features:
• Load Capacity: Main roof up to 50 tons!
• PA System: 12 tons total (4 tons main PA, 2 tons side-fill PA)
• LED Sidewalls: 500 kg/m
• Construction: Ultra-high strength steel
• Locking System: 45t capacity per tower
• Ease of Use: Integrated ladders, canopy tensioning system, and aluminum Keder profiles for easy setup
• Finish: Durable industrial black paint on all trusses
With its incredible span of up to 50m and unique locking system, the S-MR10 ensures your show makes a big impact.
Ready to elevate your events? Learn more here: https://www.milossystems.com/products/roofs/s-mr10-roof