Musical fireworks with a baroque backdrop

A spectacular musical fireworks display captivated the eyes and ears of the crowd gathered in front of the impressive baroque castle in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

The Lautmacher Event Production team (serviced by Milos Concepts GmbH) recently invested in our MRT1 PA Towers that were used for raising the sound at this exciting aerial event.  Our reliable and compact MRT1 PA Towers can effectively lift up to 750kg to a height of 8m (mechanically or with a motor) so your sound is always at the optimum level. Lautmacher is now ideally equipped for their ever-growing number of outdoor events, such as musical fireworks displays or the "Lichterzauber” event in Ludwigsburg.

The versatile MRT1 is quick and easy to set up thanks to the use of our standard lengths of heavy duty M290V truss.  Featuring a reduced shipping volume and small footprint, it’s an ideal companion for your outdoor events, festivals and road shows.