MILOS Steel Tower

MILOS Steel Tower
Want to reach for the heights and at the same time rely on massive loading capacity and stability?
Then our tallest Tower S-MT-Q Steel series is the thing for you.
Constructed from MILOS S-QTQT Ultra High-Strength Steel Truss (780x780mm, 40m span with 76kg/m UDL), MILOS S-MT-Q can handle 2.5x more loading capacity — at just double weight – than aluminium systems of the same dimensions and same deflection.
Milos Steel Tower works perfectly with aluminium structures. Do you need to boost the capacity of your aluminium roofs on aluminium towers? MILOS steel towers are the way to go.
When used as 20 m high, free-standing tower integrated in S-MT-Q-01 Base, the load capacity is up to 50, 960 kg, or when used with Locking Unit to 45, 333 kg.
When used as 20 m high tower in a guy-wire-braced ground support, the load capacity is up to 70, 189 kg, or when used with Locking Unit to 45, 333 kg.
Height by request
A steel sleeve block, a steel head-section with aluminium wheels equipped with heavy-duty bearings, a unique locking unit protecting the sleeve block/mother grid against drop and lift
End frames equipped with lateral connection options
An integrated ladder for easy climbing
A locking unit with a 45,333kg capacity
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