Milos spreads BAT wings - Russia

Milos Structural Systems has once again demonstrated its original thinking and creativity by building a one-of-a-kind bat-shaped roof structure for a client in Russia.  The bat roof is a unique creation and does not resemble any current offer from Milos!

Milos carried out a complete customisation of this imaginative roof system for their customerdemonstrated how they not only provide functional systems but also visually striking structures.  „We always endeavour to bring original designs to our customers, while adhering to industry leading practicality, durability and safety", said Milos Managing Director Frantisek Zykan. 

Safety is always our prime concern
Milos teamed up with the independent German engineering company Expo Engineering to create a structural analysis for assuring the safety, stability and rigidity of the structure. „This roof system is designed to bear a maximum weight of 6,500 kg distributed across the main frame, which met and exceeded the investor´s load bearing needs", commented Expo Engineering.

Designed to protect, even if Mother Nature is not cooperating
A key point from the investor was that everyone on stage must be protected from the weather.  With this in mind, Milos engineers customized the roof system to be covered with PVC canopy on all three sides so the „bat" will always have its wings protecting those who grace its stage.

168 hours of rigorous testing to ensure a smooth and trouble-free build-up
It’s important for these one-of-a-kind structures to be completely tested, evaluated and approved before sending off to the client.   In keeping with this philosophy, the roof system was put through one full week of rigorous testing!  All possible difficulties in the build-up process were identified, construction issues noted and any existing or potential problems eliminated or minimized. Testing of the canopy was also carried out and work safety constantly observed.  In the end, our „bat" passed all tests and "flew" on to the investor.

Milos travels to great lengths when delivering their high degree of customer service
In addition to the rigorous testing before delivery, Milos went a step further by sending a team of their specialists to the investor’s location for the first build-up of the roof system.  The Milos team ensured safe and trouble-free construction of the roof system, and trained the investor’s team on how to perform the build-up in the most efficient manner.   
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Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: 16 x 10m (stage size) with a maximum clearance height of 8m
Materials: M390 Quatro truss systems (roof), M390KT – main tube 50 x 4mm, brace 25 x 3mm (Legs/Arches), M390L Quatro truss – main tube 48 x 3 and brace 20 x 2mm (two rear legs and flying roped columns)
Connection material: The legs are connected (wind protection and overall reinforcement) with the M290 Quatro system. 48 x 3mm Main tube and 16 x 2mm brace.