MILOS Rigging & PA Towers

MILOS Rigging & PA Towers
Solution to support your LED walls, Line Array Speakers Roof Systems.

MILOS Rigging & PA Towers are the safest solution to support your LED walls, Line Array Speakers or complete Roof Systems for your temporary events. A wide range of products are available to meet any load and budget requirements.

Compact, heavy-duty tower with 7.5m (24.60 ft) max height for rigging projects within the entertainment and event industries

Heavy-duty 390KT series tower system - 12.5 m (41.0 ft) max height - compatible with M400 and M520 Systems for a large variety of concert and outdoor stages.

High capacity rigging tower - 13.5 m (44,29 ft) max height - designed for your largest events and applications, with maximum loading and free-span specifications.

Compact, heavy-duty M290 series Line Array tower - 8m (26.25 ft) max. height- designed for small events, bands, and touring promotional road shows.

The new MILOS PA fly tower was designed for live events that require a compact PA fly tower for small systems that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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