Milos concrete ballast base

Milos concrete ballast base
Concrete Ballast Base is universal product made of steel-reinforced concrete.
It can serve as a solid Base for entire MR1 and MR2 series roofs, self-standing towers MT1 and MT2, or simply as a Ballast to help you achieve a high level of stability for your applications.
The universal orientation connectivity allows the individual blocks to be stacked together horizontally&vertically to form one large block of any weight.
Adjustable "spindles" with a large contact area can be used on uneven surfaces
  • Available versions 1200kg or 500kg Weight
  • 1200x1200x400mm or 800x800x400m steel reinforced concrete block
  • Stackable for extra weights or for easier transport
  • Inter-Connectable to create heavier Ballast with large footprint
  • Integrated adjustable screwjack sleeve tube for leveling
  • Easy manipulation due to Center Hanging point.
  • Forklift pockets for easy moving and stacking
  • M290&M390 Truss connection via thick steel plate including lugs for wires
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