Elevating Estonian events

A unique “elevator” stage and truss system from Milos was installed in the 5 floor Pärnu Keskus Shopping Centre in the city of Pärnu, Estonia this past May.  The Milos distributor for Estonia, Protone OÜ, was commissioned by the company PK Arendus OÜ to create a stage system that could be stored at an elevated height in the shopping centre when not in use and then lowered on demand when any multimedia event or concert is held.  To fulfil their request, they used the modular and compact Milos xStage, which is made of high quality extruded aluminium, together with heavy duty M290V trussing for lighting and sound reinforcement support.  The safe and reliable rising and lowering of the xStage is carried out by EXE motors from Milosgroup subsidiary Litec.