The organization „One Young World“ holds annual meetings of young people in world´s metropolises and provides platform to discuss solutions to problems of the current world. One Young World summit 2015 took place in Bangkok during 18th-21st November 2015. Prestigious Chulalongkorn University in the center of thai City of Angels hosted the closing ceremony of this summit and gave the opportunity to 1300 delegates festively end up the annual convention of the young ones.

Dominant part of this event was a structure provided by Milos (Guangzhou) Ltd.Milos in cooperation with company AV systems – who works in production design, rentals and event management supplied exceptionally successful concept of BAT ROOF with inner stage size 23x13m. The structure consists solemnly of M400 (QTO) range. This provides it with optimal ratio between span & capacity reached and minimal volume for transport and stock occupancy.

Build-up was carried away in a unique way by AV systems under supervision of Milos main technician M. Zubor and sales coordinator M. Zykan. Chairman and founder of AV systems, Mr. Ponlawat Sookcharus as general supplier harvested positive feedback of the whole event, which turned up to be another proof of his team´s readiness and professionality.