LED Support Solution for Munich Park

The project was realized in the Olympic Park, Munich, between the Olympic swimming pool and the lake.
Initially, a few years ago, the customer was using an inflatable screen, which, however, did not allow for integrating a stage. Last year, an LED screen was used first time and was supported by a scaffold structure, but the overall design didn´t meet the aesthetic requirements. Therefore, this year, the client looked for a comprehensive and professional solution that would be slim, elegant and would allow for integrating a stage.

MILOS thus delivered a customized structure made of M520-QTP aluminium trusses, guy-wired to the front and rear sides. Although guy wires are usually avoided for practical and aesthetic reasons, they could be used in this case because the design harmonized visually with the neighboring Olympia Schwimmhalle with its lightweight stressed-skin roof.
The structure is 14 m wide and 13 m tall. The towers are based on the quite new MILOS Icon Bases that allows for a huge variety of different applications. In this case it gave sufficient stability while the build-up before the guy wires have been applied.
The structure is equipped with an LED screen, connected on its back side to horizontal QTP Trusses that firmly support the screen against wind loads.
Compared with the designs of the previous years, the structure and the screen must NOT be disassembled in case of bad weather, as it is strong enough to withstand even high wind speeds!

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