Cibulafest festival-Slovakia

The project was executed at Holic Airport, Slovakia, specifically at the Cibulafest festival.
The festival is one of the most significant cultural events in the region, and we were proud that MILOS products could be part of its realization.
Our client was hired by the prestigious Pink Panther Agency s.r.o., which provided all production and technical activities.
A 15x13m stage was built, designed to meet all the requirements of the artists and the audience.
The roof had an inset Main Grid, a 3m PA Wing and a 4m LED Wing.
MILOS M760 construction was used for the Main Grid and PA Wing, offering high load capacity and stability. A Truss M520 Quatro structure was used for the LED Wing, which is ideal for mounting LED panels due to the crossbars on its underside, which offer many points to attach the LED wall.
A 4x Pre-Rig Truss formed from the M520 Fold was used in the roof to suspend the EXE Technology motors. This Truss is the innovative range of trusses that can be folded for easy handling and transport.
The Stage stood on ten 11.5m high MT2 towers, our second tallest towers in our range of aluminium structures, with the ability to adjust the height to suit the customer's needs and preferences.
The lights were suspended from four trusses assembled from M520 Quatro, which are versatile trusses for different types of lighting. The LED and backdrop truss was from a Truss M290 Quatro.
-The entire roof was lifted by ten D8+ EXE Technology motors, reliable and safe partners for heavy loads.
-Eighteen EXE Technology D8+ 0.5t lifting motors were used on the undercarriage.
-4 EXE Technology D8+ 0.8t motors were used on the PA.

It was a great success, and we are glad that we could contribute to make Cibulafest a memorable and safe experience for all participants.
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