Hanging Corner M390

Hanging Corner M390
Our Hanging Corner M390 perfectly fits the range of Truss M390 in all its versions (Duo, Trio or Quatro), and this is not all; thanks to the adjustable top bar of the Hanging Corner, it is suitable as well for Truss M290 (after adjusting the top bar to the lower position).
Hanging Corner thus gives you the freedom to move your Truss in the assembly to the desired Position without the need to reassemble.
No additional fittings or accessories are necessary — just the same truss length between multicubes with steel half-spigots.
For other assemblies used with junctions or multicubes with female receivers, you only need standard lengths.
The Hanging Corner is stronger than the truss used therefore it does not define the load limit of the assembly.
The M390 Hanging Corner can only be used in pairs and not to create a cantilever structure!
Do you want to know more? Click here: https://www.milossystems.com/accessories/hanging-corner-m390

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