All Milos clamps TUV Nord Certified

Safety has always been the highest priority for Milos and its overriding promise to customers.  Milos further delivers on this promise by having it full range of cell clamps (100 – 600) in accordance with the BGVC1/DGUV17 norm (certified for loads with safety factors 4:1 and 8:1) and fully certified by TUV NORD.

The entire range of Milos cell clamps are made from high quality extruded aluminium for extreme levels of durability and reliability. They provide you with the highest levels of safety and security for mounting fixtures, suspending support structures and making secure connections to tubes. All clamps are now marked with SWL and other information for easy identification. Available in three sizes for the following tube diameters:

-  48 - 51mm (1 7/8""- 2"")

-  32mm (1¼"")

-  60 - 63mm (2 3/8"" - 2 ½"") diameter tubes.